Subject: Mail Monitor has some terms that define functionality

Solution: here the list of definitions


  • Waiting jobs: jobs that has a waiting period. Tipically a job of a personal backup scheduled once a week;
  • Failed jobs: jobs that has a failed result;
  • Missing jobs: jobs not arrived. Ex.: Mail Monitor wait for a log email but this email is not arrived;
  • Warning jobs: job that has a Warning status. This state must be supported by backup software;


  • Groups: name of devices group. Normally Groups name is the name of customer (if you monitor backup for multiple customers) or the name of a location (if you are the sys admin for a company with different locations);
  • Devices: is the server that run the backup job;
    • Name: is the host name;
    • Sender email address: is the sender email address specified in the backup software. The email log is sent with this address. IMPORTANT: each host (hostname) must have a different sender email address. The recognition of a job is based in sender email address and hostname;
    • Recipient email addresses: are the email addresses to forward the backup email log;
    • Date format: specify the date format;
    • Time offset: offset value from GMT of the email log;
    • Send all log emails: select this and Mail Monitor send to "recipient email addresses" all the email log received (failed, warning, correct);
    • Send failed job emails: select this and Mail Monitor send to "recipient email addresses" only the failed email log received ;
  • Jobs: is the backup job. In a Devices you can have multiple jobs.
    • Name: is the Backup's job name in the backup software;
    • Description: free field ;
    • Execution time: a very powerful interface to re create the job pianification in Mail Monitor;
    • Template Type: Mail Monitor recognize a backup log email via template. You have 2 different mode:
      • Standard: the standard template is the list of backup software supported. You can send new backup software to extend our list;
      • Custom: every customers can create a template for personalized email log backup;
    • Nightly: if you have a backup job that starts after midnight and you want that this job is inserted in the daily report, select this option;
    • Max Delay: if you have a job not scheduled you can wait this job for x days;
    • Email Reminder: is connected to Max Delay. If you have a job that Exceeds the period of Max Delay, you can set an email alert to remember the job:
      • Email Subject: is the subject of Email Reminder;
      • Email Body: is the body of Email Reminder;
    • Subject: is the personalized subject of the email log that backup software send. Tipically is based on variables. You can copy this and insert in backup software at the subject definitions.