Veeam Endpoint (now called Veeam Agent) is a powerful backup software for FREE.

It integrate all Veeam technology and is very useful for backup Windows clients and servers.

Veeam Endpoint send notifications via email and is supported by Mail Monitor.

To configure email notifications you see the official doc here

Veeam Endpoint

Veeam Endpoint email notifications support only a filed for sender and recipients email address.

Email Settings: insert the Mail Monitor Collector email (you can find it MailMonitor - Settings - Collector Email);

Password: is the password of smtp account

Subject: copy and paste the Subject from Mail Monitor - Jobs - Subject to enable the Mail Monitor job detector

SMTP server settings: SMTP server 

Username: is the username of the SMTP account

A useful tool is Backup Manager that support Veeam Endpoint. Backup Manager detect a single Veeam Endpoint Job, the schedule, the job name and upload job directly in Mail Monitor.

Mail Monitor

If you want to insert job in Mail Monitor:

Name: is composed by: "Backup job %COMPUTERNAME" where %COMPUTERNAME is the hostname. In the example "Backup job PC"

Description: the description of job

Schedule: the exact configuration of Veeam Endpoint Schedule

Template Type: select "Veeam Endpoint"

Subject: copy and paste this Subject in the Veeam Endpoint Email Notifications

Backup Manager

Add a Veeam-Endpoint Job

Start: automatically detect the hostname

Schedule: verify the right Schedule of Veeam Endpoint Job

Veeam Sett: is the subject copy and paste in Veeam Endpoint Notification

After the wizardgo to MailMonitor Tab, Login and Upload

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