Backup Manager offer a free solution for configure and send log via email for "glorious" Microsoft NT Backup.

With Backup Manager you can create a script with a very simple GUI, Schedule, and have an email log of the backup.

Backup Manager Add a NT Backup

  • In Backup Manager Add a new NT Backup
  • Start: the job name
  • Script Path: is the folder where Backup Manager create the script
  • RSM Library: type of the destination of backup. If you want a backup on file write "FILE". If you have a Tape go to CMD with the command "rsm view /tlibrary" copy the output and paste in RSM Library field in Backup Manager
  • Pool RSM: is the name of destination. You can read it in "NT Backup" - Destination Field
  • Selections: is the path of BKS file created with NT Backup
  • Target: is the backup destination
    • For "File" select the target of BKF file
    • For "TAPE" nothing
  • Post Backup: if you have a TAPE click Eject to eject tape at the end of backup
  • Retention: if you have a FILE destination you can add Aging to set a retention of backup files
  • Schedule: you can set and add the Schedule to the system

Email Log

Configuring the Mail Settings in Backup Manager you'll receive a backup log email from the Microsoft NT Backup.

Mail Monitor Integration

If you have a valid account in Mail Monitor, you can add job automatically  Via Backup Manager. 

  • In Backup Manager click on "Mail Monitor" Tab
  • Login: Insert the login of Mail Monitor account
  • Upload