Synology NAS has a powerful backup package called Hyper Backup.

You can have local and remote backup with deduplication, versioning and many other features. Some info Hyper Backup .
Today we support: Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Microsoft 365, Active Backup for Business.

Synology Hyper  Backup send notifications via email and is supported by Mail Monitor.

Synology Email Log configuration

Go to Control Panel - Regional options - Language and set "notification language" to english

Control Panel - Notification and insert:

Recipient's email address: the Mail Monitor collector email address

Subject prefix: start the prefix with the word "Synology" (without quotation marks) and a space at the end of the word

SMTP Server: your smtp server address

Configure the Hyper Backup Job and remember to copy the:

  • Task name
  • Select "Enable task notification" 
  • The scheduler settings

Mail Monitor Job Configuration

On the Mail Monitor Job settings select the standard template called "Synology", copy the Task name on the "Job Name" and replicate the scheduler

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