Acronis Backup  is a powerful backup software for server and workstation.

Acronis Backup send notifications via email and is supported by Mail Monitor.

This doc is composed by 2 parts: Mail Monitor Settings and Acronis Settings

Acronis Backup

Activate the Email notifications in Acronis Backup: Home - Settings - Email Notification

Here you can modify parameters for Mail Monitor recognization (recipients, the subject, etc.).

Recipient’s email addresses separated by semicolon: Insert in this fiels the  collector email (you can find it in the settings of MailMonitor tipically;

Subject: Insert the string for Mail Monitor recognization. You can have this string in 2 different ways:

  • On the Mail Monitor Job Settings you can copy the "Subject field":

  • Manually you can insert in the Subject field of Acronis Backup this string: 

            AcronisBackup  Device: [[Device]] Plan: [[Plan]] Status: [[Alert]]

Email Server Settings: in the Email Server sections you specify the smtp server for sending email. We recommend to use a valid SMTP configuration of your Mail Server. We do not offer SMTP Service.

In Acronis Backup: Home - Settings - Email server

SMTP Server: SMTP host address;
SMTP Port: the SMTP port;
Encryption: if your SMTP is SSL;
SMTP server requires authentication: auth if it is necessary for your SMTP;

Sender:  fill with sender address equal to   “Sender email address” configurato  in MailMonitor - Device Settings.

Now you can create or modify a Job. Mark this data:

  • Device Name: is the host name;
  • Job Name;
  • The Schedule plan;

HostName: is the "device" in Mail Monitor

Create or modify a Backup Plan and take the name of the plan. It will be the "job name" in Mail Monitor

Create or modify the schedule and take the plan

Mail Monitor

Now you can add a Job in Mail Monitor: Create Group, Create the device

Name: is the fisical host name;

Sender email address: the sender address equal to Email settings in  Acronis Backup (es
Date format: date format the localization of the OS device that run the Acronis Backup;
Time format: time format the localization of the OS device that run the Acronis Backup;
Send all log emails: Mail Monitor can send to "Recipient Email Address" a copy of email log. You can have all emails or only the failed emails.

After the Device creation you create the Job (Backup Plans)

Name: job name (equal to Backup Plan in Acronis Backup);
Description: synthetic description it will be show in the report email (optional field);
Execution Time: recreates  the same scheule of  backup plan in Acronis Backup;

Template Type: select Standard;

Standard Template: select AcronisBackup  from the dropdown menu;

Nightly: for default Mail Monitor considers the backup started the day before the report generation. If you chek this bos, Mail Monitor includes in the report the job started after midnight. Make sure the job ends BEFORE the report is created;

Max delay: delay days for a job be considered MISSING. The number of days is between the schedule of the 2 Jobs. For expample: a weekly job it can be set with a delay of  6 days;

Email reminder: Email Reminder: is connected to Max Delay. If you have a job that Exceeds the period of Max Delay, you can set an email alert to remember the job:

  • Email Subject: is the subject of Email Reminder;
  • Email Body: is the body of Email Reminder;

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